When does your blatant spiderwick rip off come out?

I actually didn’t run into Spiderwick’s field guide until I was about halfway though my own illustrations for my senior project, which is amazing and I totally bought it and I could never hope to be so incredibly meticulous and talented in my illustrations. Really, I only followed a typical field guide setup and made up my own renditions of creatures that aren’t often illustrated and have little information about them. So no, I didn’t rip it off, we just both decided to make field guides for creatures from fantasy. 

I wasn’t planning on releasing books. This was just a fun study for my senior project, though I might have some made at some point for those that are interested, but not in the immediate future.

And don’t be a little bitch to strangers, especially as an anon. That shit ain’t cute.

Is your mythical field guide a real thing? Like will it be available to buy in the future? I would buy it in a second

I appreciate your interest! I handmade one for my senior project and one for an interested buyer, but the process was really damn tedious, as well as expensive. I’ve been looking into the cost of having a few books made by a legit printing/binding place, but haven’t committed to anything yet. I’ll keep you guys posted if I get some books printed out!

Damn you're so goodddddd I admire your ability to mimic styles in the draw yourself meme drawings

Ahhhh, thank you so much~! I’m considering starting another draw-yourself-meme chunk soon and will most likely be looking for some suggestions, so keep in touch. :)


I’ve started up a side art-blog for my sketching/concepting/mini projects/unfinished stuff called sherriscribbles, and I’ll be keeping this blog for more of my finished and rendered stuff. I would love for you to head on over and take a look! I’ll be dumping a bunch of sketchbook stuff within the next week or so. :)